Coaching Program

I offer a personalized coaching program to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to help you find your purpose, establish and achieve your goals; all while developing the right mindset to succeed in your academic, personal and professional life.


Mentorship Program: $150

  • 1 hour 1-1 networking session per week
  • Available for guidance
  • E-Book with tips on advocacy, career, organization, purpose
  • Video courses on one key area
  • Women4Leadership Network on Facebook
  • Politics4Her Workshops

Membership Program: $100

  • E-Book with tips on advocacy, career, organization, purpose
  • Video courses on one key area
  • Women4Leadership Network on Facebook
  • Politics4Her Workshops

E-Book: $50 tips on advocacy, career, organization, purpose

1-1 Networking Session for 1 hour: $50 let’s spend one hour together and work on whatever you would like to improve (resume, cover letter, public speaking tips, goal settings, etc)


This is the perfect track if you want to get more involved in our interconnected and globalized world. Learn how to use and elevate your voice. I can help you with blogging, story telling, social media, video editing and much more. I can also give you recommendations of youth-led initiatives, international organizations, NGOs, fellowships and other relevant programs for you to join, so that you can build a strong network of mentors and fellow advocates.


I will guide you in the choice of your academic studies as in where and what to study based on your personal preferences. Particularly in the fields of political science, communication, international law, human rights, refugee and migration studies. I am also able to give you mentorship with both qualitative and quantitative research, literature review, critical analysis, and academic writing; while providing you with all the tools to excel in your curriculum.


Looking for internships or entry level postions is not always an easy task, I am often asked how do you find all these opportunities? I will help you figure out what you want to do and specialize in, while finding the right fit to help you launch your career. Throughout my professional experiences I have gathered many useful resources and tips including job engines, resume writing, cover letter, and interview preparation useful tips.


Whether you are looking to find your purpose, develop a positive mindset, an entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership qualities, get organized or empower others, I will mentor you to reach your full potential. In both personal and professional aspects, I will share with you what helps forging the ideal mindset that will lead you to greater success.


No one is born a great public speaker, it only takes practice to become one. Following various public speaking experiences, I have gained the necessary confidence not to stress out anymore. Since high school I have been actively participating in international Model United Nations Conferences, Moot Court competitions, professional and academic presentations, teaching and coaching groups of people, and video making for advocacy purposes. I will give you the tools and training necessary to take your public speaking to the next level.

I remember asking to work and be coached by Yasmina specifically because where other coaches failed making me comfortable in a face to face situation, she excelled making me smile, confident and stronger. She possesses all the virtues of an amazing leader, including ambition, willingness to show, to listen, to understand, to help and she knows how to transmit her passion to others. When times may seem harsh and uncertain, Yasmina shows an assiduous sense of motivation for herself but also to push others to a greater version of themselves. I have rarely met such a strong and committed woman that cares so much about others.

Jessica Drouet

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